Senegal Bichir Facts

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Senegal Bichir is also known as Gray Bichir, Dragonfin and others. It is a member of the lobe finned pike family. This type of fish is usually farm raised, but this is widespread on the streams and rivers in different parts of Africa. This fish contain a lung like swim bladder and gills to help them to breath. The cuvier bichir has the capacity to spend short periods of time on land, but should go back to its natural watery environment to be able to breath. This type of fish is brownish in color and it has a snakelike body. It has an oddball shape. If given with lots of areas to swim it can become aggressive and active in mingling with other fish.

This type of fish is slightly aggressive and it an swallow any other types of fish that can fit into its mouth. You have to be very careful in picking passive mates for it, since they can be very aggressive towards bigger fish. They are quick to jump so you need to make sure that the aquarium is tightly closed and has a well-sealed lid. In this article you will learn about Senegal Bichir and how you will take care of it and multiply it as you read on. This creature can be found in various countries all over the globe such as Africa, Egypt, Ehtiopia, Mali, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and others.


It’s hard to give any guidelines to how someone can breed Senegal Bichir in tanks, because fish generally differ with one another. Some of this type has been successful bred in tanks while others don’t know what they did to introduce spawning to these types of fish. There are other kinds of Senegal Bichir like polypterus delhezi which is usually spawn in tanks and aquariums. Though this kind is being spawned all the time, you are not really sure of how the breeder did and where they started. They are often bred inside a tank the with cooler water type, you can introduce breeding in them easily. It is just right to think that the mixture of water changes along with key factors. If you are interested in breeding this type of fish, you need to make sure that the environment for the adult and the young fry is safe.

The water quality should be the best and changing the water in the tank and the tank itself should be of the right size. You need to make sure that the pH level of the water is slightly acidic and the water is soft too. You can also give the fish with lots of meaty live food during the breeding season. You will know that male one from the female one by checking the anal fin. You can only mate mature Bichirs, because the males will soon develop an anal fin that is close to the anal fin of the female. Males also tend to become smaller than the female one and some of the mature males tend to have thicker dorsal spine than the females.

Senegal Bichir has rituals during breeding time and that may last for a day or even longer. The male one will run after the female and he will try to bump into the female using his snout. The female will then try to find a perfect place for spawning before she lays her eggs. You need to give her bushy plants before you induce breeding process. You can make a tank with lots of plants and bushes along with fine leaves too. You can also place some mops into the aquarium which is important in spawning.

After spawning, the female will lay around one hundred to three hundred eggs for days. She will lay eggs a lot of times and the eggs will be fertilized by the male when he cups his anal and fins around the genital area of the female fish. The male will take the eggs, he will be the one to fertilize them and they will be scattered all over the plants. The egg is slightly slimy, but you need to watch out since Bichirs can eat their own eggs at times, it will be best if you will remove the adult pair from the eggs after the last fertilization. You have to keep in mind that this breed of creature only breeds during rainy season and during changed temperature or chemistry of water.


Bichirs are known as predators and they are known are carnivores too. They will feed and attack small fish that they think will fit into their mouth. They also feed on insects and frogs too. They are also considered nocturnal so you can feed them at night time or at low light tanks. When feeding the fish you need to consider the foods that you will give and make sure that they can make the fish nourished and not make their health at risk.

You will enjoy breeding and taking care of this creature so much as much as you do with any other types of fish. Breeding it will make you busy all the time and it will help you enjoy life in the simplest manner.

Source by George Dabu

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